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Here you will find news about Daxto. Looking for general news? Then check out the blog.

Developments November 2023

News  — Fri 1 Dec 2023
This was the last month in which we made numerous improvements and additions available almost immediately. In the next and last month of this year, we are going to hoard the work again internally for a while. These will become available all at once at the beginning of the new ye…

Developments October 2023

News  — Fri 3 Nov 2023
The list of planned minor improvements is starting to get shorter and shorter. This month's additions are again immediately deployable. This will also be the case next month. After that, we will reveal what else is planned.

Developments September 2023

News  — Mon 2 Oct 2023
Another round of improvements and additions that could be put into use immediately, as promised. More of these rounds are planned in the coming months.

Developments August 2023

News  — Tue 12 Sep 2023
In August, we worked hard on improvements and additions that were immediately usable in the environments. In the coming months, we are planning short, rapid development rounds, developing, testing and rolling out immediately.

Developments June & July 2023

News  — Tue 22 Aug 2023
A second round of improvements has been rolled out. Just like with the first round, the environment overview will inform you about this. The next series of improvements is scheduled to become available in the fall, starting from the end of September. This series will provide new…

Developments May 2023

News  — Fri 2 Jun 2023
With this heat, everyone undoubtedly has a glass of cold water in an inflatable pool. So let's keep it short and sweet: the first round of updates has been rolled out. Once you log into your environment, this will be briefly explained, and you can start using it right away. Expe…

Developments April 2023

News  — Thu 11 May 2023
This month, we have been busy developing new features for Daxto. Unfortunately, we have encountered some internal delays as we have discovered a few issues that we want to address before officially launching the new features. However, we are working hard to resolve them as quick…

Developments March 2023

News  — Fri 31 Mar 2023
The first financial statements have been prepared. Are you also ready? Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on new developments internally. Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to make significant changes behind the scenes. The first results of these efforts wil…

Developments February 2023

News  — Thu 2 Mar 2023
The first update of 2023 has been rolled out. This is a minor update related to invoice status. We decided not to save this one up, and make it available immediately. It allows linking a transaction to an invoice in an exceptional case where, to everyone's surprise, it was not y…

Developments January 2023

News  — Tue 31 Jan 2023
A new year and (automatically) a new fiscal year 📅📒. Fortunately, you can move on seamlessly in Daxto. And although the hustle and bustle of the last quarter is behind us, now is often the time to work on the year-ending for our users. Don't forget these tips on booking energy…

Developments December 2022

News  — Thu 1 Dec 2022
The last update of this year. Yes, really. It's already December ❄️🎄. But this month too will no doubt fly by like it's just a week. In the previous post, it was revealed that there were no more sensational developments planned for this year. With good reason. This period is bu…

Developments November 2022

News  — Tue 1 Nov 2022
What an extraordinary month of October. Normally it is wet and cold, whereas this year it was sunny and warm! ☀️🌴 It is a shame though, that we experienced it mostly from behind our window and computer. After all, October was a busy month and we expect November to be no diffe…

Developments October 2022

News  — Sat 1 Oct 2022
And then it was October already, the month in which we celebrate Halloween 🎃 👻. Time seems to fly by at a rapid pace. This month we managed to do a lot of work again and add some great things. You don't have to do anything yourself to make use of it, you can start using it rig…

Developments September 2022

News  — Thu 1 Sep 2022
As a service, Daxto is of course always evolving. There is always something to further refine or add to make it even better. Therefore, we also have an update on the first of this month. You don't have to do anything for it yourself and can get started right away. Most notable t…

Official opening

News  — Mon 1 Aug 2022
Hooray! 🎉🎂 It is that time; August 1st. Daxto 3 is officially open as of today! And why today? Here's the thing; Daxto has been around since 2006. That was version 1 back then. Years later we arrived at version 3. Version 3 has been developed behind the scenes in the past 2 ye…

Daxto 3 open-beta

News  — Fri 1 Jul 2022
Are you tired of the milestones yet? We are entering the public beta phase, in this everyone can start using Daxto 3. It officially starts on August 1, 2022. That will be the time when we cut the figurative red ribbon and swing open our digital doors. Secretly, as of today, ever…

Daxto 3 annual statement

News  — Mon 28 Feb 2022
The first financial years are closed with Daxto 3. We would like to briefly highlight this for the users who do not participate in the closed beta. In Daxto 3, closing a financial year has been made much easier. The fiscal annual accounts that follow are also new. With these new…

Daxto 3 closed-beta

News  — Mon 3 Jan 2022
Things are getting faster and faster. Because of the milestones we can hardly see the woods anymore. However, we will devote a news item to this milestone. It is as follows: Despite these strange times, Daxto 3 is on schedule. As announced in the newsletter, the closed beta peri…

Daxto 3 alpha tests

News  — Wed 1 Sep 2021
Another milestone! We are secretly quite happy about that. Daxto 3 has been in development recently. To be precise, in the alpha phase. You can compare that phase with a newly built house whose facades have been bricked and the first windows and doors installed. So it was alread…

Daxto 3 development started

News  — Sat 1 Aug 2020
The Daxto 3 project has reached its first milestone. Development has begun. The service is being rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technologies. For the content operation, we are of course taking the lessons from Daxto 1 and Daxto 2. That's going to ease…

Daxto 3 announced

News  — Wed 27 May 2020
Daxto version 2 will be followed by Daxto version 3. After asking around about needs, brainstorming ideas and exploring possibilities, it was decided today that Daxto 2 will be succeeded by Daxto 3. Still it will take some time before we can start the development and reveal more…