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Starting with Daxto

General  — Fri 1 Jul 2022
Getting started with Daxto is easy, especially with the help of your Daxto assistant. Do you still have questions? With these compact help articles, and possibly the extensive background articles, you can get back on track. Did we leave your question unanswered? Then contact the…

Optional services

General  — Thu 30 Jun 2022
The additional services below are optional and can be added to your subscription if you wish to tailor Daxto exactly to your needs. Contact Daxto Support for more information and to activate the services below if your Daxto environment needs them. Serv…


General  — Tue 31 May 2022
Daxto is not only used by entrepreneurs. Partners are bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors and other financial experts who know Daxto inside and out. While any financial professional can support you with substantive questions about your accounting, or take care of your return…


General  — Fri 27 May 2022
Whether you prefer another language, your staff speaks different languages or your customers are spread all over the world, it is not a problem. Daxto officially supports Dutch, English and German. And we might add some additional languages later on as well. It does not matter i…


General  — Fri 27 May 2022
Switching is always possible. Whether you are switching to Daxto, or just switching elsewhere. For both situations, articles have been written to help you get started excellently. Switching to Daxto Welcome! Whether you are just starting out or have been keeping records for yea…


General  — Fri 27 May 2022
An account in Daxto is equivalent to a person. Each person can create an account for free. This account can be used to participate in existing Daxto environments by email invitation, or you can use your account to open your own Daxto environment. With one account you can partic…

Frequently asked questions

General  — Fri 8 Apr 2022
1. Are there more possibilities and\or costs? Daxto is all about insights. Also into Daxto itself. This overview of our subscriptions and workings underlines how uncluttered we kept it. 2. Is Daxto available for every entrepreneur? Yes. For every entrepreneur with a Dutch compa…


General  — Fri 4 Feb 2022
Online services are never finished. Like a car, it needs periodic maintenance. In addition to maintenance, the phase of the software also affects changes. Software phases Software development roughly has 4 phases: Proto, Alpha, Beta and Release. Daxto 3 is in the Beta phase. In…