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General  — Fri 27 May 2022

Whether you prefer another language, your staff speaks different languages or your customers are spread all over the world, it is not a problem. Daxto officially supports Dutch, English and German. And we might add some additional languages later on as well.

It does not matter if it is an invoice or email to a customer, or just the use of Daxto itself. From homepage to reports, and everything in between, you can use these languages.

Switching languages

You can easily switch languages by using the menu at the top right. Recognizable by a globe and the language you are currently using. This allows you to quickly switch between languages on any page.

Relations preferred language

When you send an invoice to your customer from Daxto the language of the customer is automatically taken into account. You can specify and change this language for each person in your relations. You can also indicate in your settings which default language should be used for your relations, if you did not set something else for that specific customer.

Emails and documents for relations

It is of course mandatory for Dutch companies to draw up invoices in Dutch. Nevertheless, by switching languages you can also draft the same invoice in other languages. This is fast because it only involves the description of invoice lines, the comment and the reference.

If you use the integration with the Exclusive-IT Foundation e-commerce software, a webshop, invoices are even automatically generated in all languages.

So while you use Daxto in Dutch, you can send the invoice directly to your customer with English language preference. Your customer will then receive an English email with an English invoice.