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Frequently asked questions

General  — Fri 8 Apr 2022

1. Are there more possibilities and\or costs?

Daxto is all about insights. Also into Daxto itself. This overview of our subscriptions and workings underlines how uncluttered we kept it.

2. Is Daxto available for every entrepreneur?

Yes. For every entrepreneur with a Dutch company. Daxto cannot be used for non-Dutch organizations at the moment.

3. Can I start with Daxto at any time?

Yes. New ventures are even up and running in minutes. But even if you've been doing business for a while, you don't have to wait for the end of your current financial year. In fact, it is often smarter to switch at a quiet moment so that there is no need to rush.

4. How do I start with Daxto as a new entrepreneur?

If you have never had bookkeeping before, you can get started right away. Then you don't need anything. Within a few minutes you have set up your accounting together with your Daxto assistant.

5. How do I start with Daxto if I am already doing business?

If you already have accounting, it is important to collect some data until the moment you want to switch. Your Daxto assistant will ask you about this, and help you through it.

6. Can I also try Daxto for free?

Yes. Entrepreneurs who want to introduce themselves and their company by e-mail can, after verifying a few details, count on a free first month and also on the Daxto Verified seal.

7. Can I also start small and grow later?

Yes, Daxto features are spread over five editions. Each edition is aimed at connecting to a naturally growing company.

8. Can I also transfer to the last three editions later?

Yes, as soon as the last three editions are made available. Currently, the Daxto 3 beta versions of the Elemental and Extended editions are available for new environments.

9. Does Daxto use continuous fiscal years?

Yes, Daxto uses continuous fiscal years. That means you don't have to do anything to start a new fiscal year. This is automatic. This also allows you to work in several financial years at the same time.

10. Does Daxto use broken fiscal years?

No, Daxto does not use broken fiscal years. The fiscal years in Daxto are equal to calendar years. They start on January 1st and end on December 31st.

11. Do I have to close fiscal years in Daxto?

No. But it is recommended. For one because Daxto prepares the annual statement based on the year-end closing. A year-end closing also prevents you from accidentally making changes in years that have passed.

12. Will I have to miss out on the fireworks?

No. At the stroke of midnight, your Daxto assistant will automatically open a new fiscal year for you. So you can work in the new financial year immediately without any stress. You can postpone the year-end closing until a better suiting moment later.

13. Does Daxto close a fiscal year by itself?

No. You close a financial year whenever you want. That is called the year-end closing. Your Daxto assistant will help you with this. As soon as it is done you can immediately view and download the annual statement.

14. I hear the year-end closing is a huge hassle?

Daxto takes care of everything automatically if you have properly maintained your accounting throughout the year. And if you have forgotten something, your Daxto assistant will automatically remind you.

15. How do I close the year most favorably for me?

Because every company is unique, this differs enormously. Your Daxto assistant will give you tips. In addition, familiarize yourself with your situation and process the benefits before you do the year-end closing. Of course you can also ask for advice.

16. Do I need an accountant or tax consultant?

The larger your company, the more time and advantage outsourcing to professionals provides. It is always advisable to use a bookkeeper, accountant or tax advisor. However, also educate yourself. This helps you as a starter to do it yourself and later to consult with the professionals.

17. Do I need an accountant?

If the legal form of your company obliges you to file your annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce, you will need an accountant's statement with your annual accounts. A private limited company (BV) is obliged to do this, but a sole proprietorship, for example, is not.

18. And what about my own income tax (IB) declaration?

Together with your personal details, the Daxto annual statement gives you everything you need to declare your income tax. However, if you use a professional, they can arrange this for you using the Daxto annual statement and your private documents. This way you can immediately focus on business again.

19. How does Daxto save up to 70% per annual statement?

The sum of all Daxto benefits ensures that bookkeepers and accountants have much less work to prepare your administration before a tax declaration can be filed. This saves you a lot of money.