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Starting with Daxto

General  — Fri 1 Jul 2022

Getting started with Daxto is easy, especially with the help of your Daxto assistant. Do you still have questions? With these compact help articles, and possibly the extensive background articles, you can get back on track. Did we leave your question unanswered? Then contact the Daxto Support team.

What if bookkeeping is completely new to me?

That's no problem at all, we all had to learn it once. Daxto gives you a flying start. There is no need to read a stack of thick books first, we help you with everything you need to get started. And as you work with it, you learn a little more each time.

If you have a boring lunch break or can't sleep at night, you can always browse through the articles.

Useful to know is that every page has a link at the bottom to the help articles and the form to ask Daxto Support questions. You will also find a search bar at the top of each page when you are logged in. This is multifunctional. Besides searching for invoices or customers, for example, you can also search by keywords to find the right articles.

What if I am already familiar with accounting, but not yet with Daxto?

You can probably skip the background articles. The other articles hit the nail on the head, so you can get started right away.

The goal of Daxto is to unburden entrepreneurs. You will notice this by how everything is built up and supported by your digital Daxto assistant. This assistant informs and helps on every screen, so you spend even less time. In addition, all operations are kept as pleasant and concise as possible. Old-fashioned bookkeeping is thus replaced by just keeping track of things.

How do I get started in a concrete way?

After you start a Daxto environment, your Daxto assistant takes you through a series of questions. With your answers, your assistant sets up your environment. This is done so thoroughly that you may be ready right away.

If you didn't already have bookkeeping, for example because your business just started, then you can get started right away. From the beginning until that moment, it looked like this:

  • You registered a Daxto account.
  • You opened a new Daxto environment.
  • You got to know your Daxto assistant.
  • You answered some questions to your assistant.
  • Your assistant has set up and configured your environment.
  • Once you arrived at your environment overview, you learned about the assistant page.
  • You used the assistant page to incrementally check some final things yourself.

If you have reached that point, then you are all set. You can then start entering your first relationships and creating invoices, for example.

Entrepreneurs who previously kept accounts will have only one additional step at the end of the steps above. That is entering your opening balance sheet.

Optional additional steps

  • Take a moment to go over the core of accounting, if you feel the need to do so. That starts here.
  • You can further complete the details of your main financial account. For example, if you have a European bank with an IBAN and BIC/Swift code.
  • You can enter more details for yourself and your company, for example, a private bank account number of yourself. For automatic recognition of transactions.
  • You can create additional categories for your results. This allows you to create more insight into how your total income and expenses are broken down.