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Optional services

General  — Thu 30 Jun 2022

The additional services below are optional and can be added to your subscription if you wish to tailor Daxto exactly to your needs.

Contact Daxto Support for more information and to activate the services below if your Daxto environment needs them.

Service Description
Live link to traditional bank If you don't want to enter or upload transactions from a bank account, you can also establish a live link with a traditional bank. For this, Daxto works with a PSD2-licensed partner who offers a separate subscription of a few euros per month.
Custom mail servers If you want to send emails from your own mail servers and/or domain name you can contact Daxto-support. Daxto can offer all emails addressed to your relations to a self-selected mailserver for delivery.
Custom made templates If you have unique requirements regarding the appearance of your documents, such as an invoice, Daxto can offer customization. This can provide a solution if your requirements are not achievable with the built-in ability to personalize your documents.
Custom functionality Starting with the Daxto Enterprise subscription, custom functionality can be requested. This is custom developed and only available for your specific Daxto environment(s). With this, any missing link in your workflow can still be added.
Daxto PoS The Daxto Enterprise subscription allows you to use Daxto PoS (point-of-sale). This allows a fixed or mobile point of sale (POS) to be set up from any internet device with EAN13 and QR barcode scanning. One PoS position is needed per active point of sale.
Daxto OaL The Daxto Enterprise subscription allows you to use Daxto OaL (orders-and-logistics). This allows live access to order processing from any Internet device, fixed or mobile. This is ideal for warehouse staff, restaurant kitchens or courier vehicles. An OaL position is required per active OaL point.