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Daxto 3 announced

News  — Wed 27 May 2020

Daxto version 2 will be followed by Daxto version 3.

After asking around about needs, brainstorming ideas and exploring possibilities, it was decided today that Daxto 2 will be succeeded by Daxto 3. Still it will take some time before we can start the development and reveal more about it.

What we can already reveal is that Daxto 3 will for the first time consist of different editions. This way it will be possible to choose an edition that perfectly fits the phase of your company. We also try to avoid that new users are overwhelmed with all the bells and whistles, while existing users are offered many new possibilities.

Not all editions will be available immediately. The first two of the total five editions of Daxto 3 will get our full attention first. Later on, we will slowly start shifting this attention towards the last three editions.

As a result, Daxto will no longer focus exclusively on financial accounting. The last three editions will focus more on additional business management on top of accounting, so that entrepreneurs can use Daxto more broadly in the future. We will tell you more about this later.