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Developments November 2022

News  — Tue 1 Nov 2022

What an extraordinary month of October. Normally it is wet and cold, whereas this year it was sunny and warm! ☀️🌴

It is a shame though, that we experienced it mostly from behind our window and computer. After all, October was a busy month and we expect November to be no different. But before we anticipate that, let's take a look back at October.

In October, attention was divided between preparing major new features and also some small direct improvements. So unfortunately no exciting new things for you as a user. And that is intentional. The fourth quarter and the upcoming preparation for the financial statements is a time when entrepreneurs are busy enough as it is. At Daxto, we therefore keep an appropriate brake on releasing brand new developments now. For us, Q4 is the time to steadfastly de-stress you.

Another small update is scheduled for November in preparation for the financial statements. This will be released by December 1, and will again consist of some minor improvements.

Do you have any feedback? Let Daxto Support know and maybe it can be included in the next round.