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Daxto 3 annual statement

News  — Mon 28 Feb 2022

The first financial years are closed with Daxto 3. We would like to briefly highlight this for the users who do not participate in the closed beta.

In Daxto 3, closing a financial year has been made much easier. The fiscal annual accounts that follow are also new. With these new annual accounts we hear that there are significant savings when working with accountants. That is of course also the purpose of the Daxto financial statements.

So make sure that you ask for a new price statement for your tax return this year. That is, if you are going to start using the new Daxto 3 annual accounts this year. This way you ensure that your accountant is aware of the fact that you have already collected all figures this year, submitted them completely and in principle have already been checked. You can easily indicate that you will submit an already prepared tax statement, then they know enough to be able to calculate a new statement for you.

So far this seems to lead to up to 70% less audit costs. And that's on top of the savings during the financial year.