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Modern entrepreneurship

Complicated. That is how other entrepreneurs summarize their (financial) administration in one word. Maintaining it is exhausting and time consuming. Studying up yourself, or hiring expertise, costs time and money. But because you don't have an up-to-date administration, you lack insight and flexibility. This causes unnecessary expenses and inhibits growth.

As an entrepreneur, you prefer to focus on your expertise and want to spend as little time as possible on paperwork. Daxto solves this for you by breathing new life into a complicated, dusty subject and making it understandable. Modern technology catapults it to the front again, with all the comforts you are used to by now. That way, you stay in control.

The personal digital Daxto assistant assists entrepreneurs ranging from novice to experienced. This intelligent owl takes over endlessly repetitive tasks, prevents unnecessary work and accurately checks your entire administration. Like an administrative assistant who doesn't need sleep. Ever.

Informative dashboards with real-time insights into key numbers and data turn your accounting and other business data into valuable tools. As opposed to just a sleep-inducing necessity. So that you can work on your company again instead of in your company.

Relationship management
Relationship management

A CRM with contact details of people and organizations from your multilingual network, including mutual relationships and notes.


Work with sales invoices, purchase invoices and receipts. Design, credit, subscribe, categorize and much more.


Easily add bank, cash, PayPal or other accounts. Create and process transactions automatically or manually.


Manage investments and let your assistant write off automatically. The follow-up schedule also adapts to manual changes.

Garage & hours
Garage & hours

Handle everything from business to private vehicles. From bicycle to truck and from travel administration to kilometer reimbursement.

Debtor management
Debtor management

Automatically send invoice and payment reminders. Keep track of payments, history and accruals.

Real-time reports
Real-time reports

Intelligent reports always provide comprehensive and real-time insight. From results and balance to goals and forecasts.

Tax declarations
Tax declarations

From VAT to ICP. Have all relevant business data together instantly. Also for IB, ZVW or VPB declarations.

Annual statements
Annual statements

Close a fiscal year with the help of your assistant. The tax declaration can be filed immediately.

Daxto assistant
Daxto assistant

Your personal digital Daxto assistant supports, informs and monitors 24 hours a day. Like an additional employee.

With Daxto, your organization has a solid administrative foundation. This allows you to focus on customer acquisition, optimizing marketing campaigns or setting up after-sales and service. But also the realization of e-commerce and offline sales channels. Daxto supports you in each of these areas with the right tools.

From the newly started self-employed to seasoned SMEs. From trendsetting hairdressers to renowned architects. And from sole proprietorship to private company, foundation or association. Daxto gives you clarity and overview at any time in any organization and with any legal form.

You can also easily manage e-commerce with the Foundation webshop integration. Due to this seamless collaboration, the administrative tasks between both solutions are done fully automatically by your Daxto assistant.

In addition to room for personalization and design choices within your Daxto environment and Foundation webshop, there is also the unique opportunity for personalized customization. This is specially developed based on your specific needs and for your specific company, in both services.

Daxto in a nutshell

No more extremely error-prone, time-consuming, tiresome and old-fashioned administration.
No more separate, unclear and dusty financial software. But a modern all-in-one.
Handy information, thorough checks and ever present help from your own digital assistant.
Real-time insight into all your numbers, on almost any device and anywhere in the world.
You can enter at any level. Start immediately with clear, short explanations. Pick up more administratively as you go.
Strong modern encryption, multi-factor authentication, logging, auditing, permissions, roles and authorizations.
Keep your data safe with respect for local legislation, European AVG/GDPR and international clientele.
Get your administration up-to-date quickly and easily. Smart automation and processes ensure efficient workflows.

Refreshingly complete

Each Daxto edition includes the following benefits.

  • Any legal form. From freelance and sole proprietorship (ZZP) to foundation, VOF or BV
  • Collaboration with bookkeepers & accountants, with real-time insight and help
  • Add as many cash, bank, savings, credit card and PayPal accounts as you want
  • An unlimited number of users, relations, products, services, invoices and transactions
  • Use Daxto multilingual and also communicate with your contacts in different languages
  • Keep all your invoices, receipts and other documents digitally and neatly together
  • See more and react at lightning speed. Gain historical insight and compare with earlier
  • Extensive informative help articles and quick hints from your Daxto assistant
  • Get started easily with the clear help of your Daxto assistant

Immediately solved

With Daxto you save valuable time and operational costs.

  • No high costs at the end of the year. Save up to 70% with every annual statement
  • No unnecessary costs for additional separate CRM, Sales or ERP software
  • No more extra links to make different software work together
  • No more rushed large-scale renewal of all computers due to updates
  • No danger from viruses, malware, ransomware or other malicious software in the office
  • No need for many employees anymore due to administrative automation
  • No more expensive multi-day training sessions needed to work with the software
  • No need for regularly seeking advice by means of clear information included
  • No more last-minute or stressed preparation to close a financial year


10.00 per month
  • All the benefits listed above
  • Purchase & sales invoices
  • Travel & hours administration
  • Manual investment write-offs
  • Manual financial transactions
  • BTW & ICP declaring assistance
  • Balance & profit-loss reports


15.00 per month
  • All benefits of Elemental
  • Invoice & payment reminders
  • Import of financial transactions
  • Automatic investment write-offs
  • Tracking of goals & key numbers
  • Assistance with year-end closing
  • Extensive fiscal annual statement


35.00 per month
  • All benefits of Extended
  • Subscriptions & repeat business
  • Products & services management
  • Packaging slips & orders
  • Digitally exchangable invoices
  • Auto. transaction connections
  • Debt recovery & online payments
Soon available


75.00 per month
  • All benefits of Professional
  • Stock & warehouse management
  • Leads, prospects & quotes
  • Projects, costs & billable hours
  • Specialized analyses & reports
  • Revenue, profit & costforecasts
  • API for external software
Soon available


135.00 per month
  • All benefits of Premium
  • Employee & fleet management
  • Internal departments & teams
  • Marketing & social media
  • Sales & accountmanagement
  • Productivity tools
  • More customization options
Soon available

Daxto is updated in the blink of an eye, helps you make informed decisions and always gives you a good grip on your business.

Want to know more? Read the FAQ with many questions and answers. Also, feel free to contact us if the answer to your question was not listed.

Read the FAQ

Easy upgrading and downgrading, cancel at any time. With Daxto, you are in control at all times.

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