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Stuck on a question? No worries. For that reason, Daxto is packed with information.

Your assistant

First aid for questions is the specialty of your Daxto assistant. Have you spotted your assistant yet? Hover your cursor over the icon, or tap it with your finger, for lightning-fast relevant tips wherever you come across it.

Informative articles

Daxto also has a collection of informative and helpful articles. They answer questions immediately and concretely. You can find them with search terms in your search bar or you can browse them via the overview below.

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Other questions

Have you checked to see if your question has already been answered in our help articles? If your question still remains unanswered, we will of course be happy to help you personally.

Good to know is that we can explain everything about using Daxto. Do you have a different kind of question? Then it is best to consult a bookkeeper, accountant, tax advisor or other relevant expert. Take a look at Partners for more information.

Daxto does not have a call center. You can email Daxto Support though. This enables us to help many more people in the same amount time. We take pride in helping you quickly and properly. It also allows you to read back our answer anytime you like. Very handy. Give it a try it below.

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