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Annual statement

Reports  — Fri 18 Feb 2022

Once a fiscal year is closed, a fiscal annual statement can be prepared. With this annual statement you can file a tax declaration (or have it filed) with the Belastingdienst.

Do I need an annual statement?

Whether you need to have an annual statement depends on the legal form of your business. For example, a sole proprietorship does not have to draw up annual accounts, although it may. However, a sole proprietorship must keep the results and balance sheet for each fiscal year in its accounts.

A private limited company (BV) does have to prepare financial statements. In fact, a BV must file its annual statement. This means that you have to draw up and send the annual statement to the Chamber of Commerce on time. This is virtually always done digitally, unless your company is very large. Before you can file the annual statement, it must be audited by an accountant.

In Daxto, we keep it simple; any company can download an annual statement, regardless of its legal form. Because the Daxto annual statement includes, among other things, the results and balance sheet, even a sole proprietorship has fulfilled that obligation. But as with other legal forms, the Daxto annual statement is much more than that. Thus, a sole proprietorship has more than the minimum requirement with a Daxto annual statement. This is convenient, however, because the annual statement gives a much completer picture of everything that happened that fiscal year.

Where do I download my annual statement?

From year-end closing to annual statement, in Daxto, it's one fluent process. It all starts in the Menu, under ReportsAnnual Statements. If you haven't created an annual statement yet, you can easily start it there. Your Daxto assistant will ask you a few questions and then your annual statement is ready. You can view them online and download them as PDF files. If you've created an annual statement before, you'll find it here as well, so you can review it again.

Daxto automatically creates two variants of your annual statement. The detailed variant is intended for you as the owner of the company. The brief variant is intended to be provided to third parties. The difference is as follows:

Detailed annual statement

This version of the annual statement is packed with information about the fiscal year. In addition to the "hard numbers" from your company, such as the results and balance sheet, you will also find statistics and insights. Daxto uses the annual statement as a moment for the entrepreneur to look back at the past financial year. This allows you to immediately determine the strategy for the next fiscal year.

Brief annual statement

The brief version of the annual statement is limited to what is needed to file a tax declaration, or have it filed. Statistics and insights are omitted; these are useful only to the business owner.