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Underpaid invoice

Purchase & sales  — Fri 11 Feb 2022

My customer has slightly underpaid

If your customer has paid a sales invoice, but the transaction is just slightly less than the amount due, you can resolve this without bothering your customer with it. You simply make up the difference yourself from within your company.

A concrete example

You have created sales invoice 0001. The grand total is € 100.00 including VAT. The customer transferred € 99.90 to your bank account. Now you are € 0.10 short. You can of course ask your customer to transfer the remaining € 0.10 using the same invoice number, but you can also decide to supplement that € 0.10 yourself from your own profit. This is how you do it:

  • Create a new memorandum booking.
  • Set the title to something that makes sense, such as 'Offset deficit from sales invoice 0001'.
  • Set the type to 'Other'.
  • Set the related invoice to the correct invoice. This is only selectable while there is a pending underpayment.
  • Fill in a description that is clear to everyone.
  • After that, add two items. One with the category 'Debiteuren' and one with the category 'Betalingsverschillen'.
  • On the credit side, enter € 0.10 for the 'Debiteuren' category. This will reduce this balance category.
  • On the debit side, enter € 0.10 for the 'Betalingsverschillen' category. This will reduce this result category.
  • Your memorandum booking is now balanced, both sides are at € 0.10. Therefore, save the memorandum booking now.

Now open the sales invoice to check if it was successful. Here you will find two payments under the connected payments. The first is the amount that your customer has transferred via a bank transaction, this has the type 'Transaction'. The second is the memorandum booking that you have just created yourself, which has the type 'Memorandum'. The status of the invoice is 'Paid in full'. The bottom of the invoice shows 'Balance due' at € 0.00.

If there was an overpaid invoice in the past, that amount may now have been used for the underpaid invoice. If not, the results category 'Betalingsverschillen' may have a negative balance. This amount is automatically offset against your result, so you actually earned a little less this fiscal year.