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Purchase & sales  — Tue 31 May 2022

In the old days, all invoices were written or printed on paper. You know, those thin slices of tree. Nowadays, fortunately, there are more and more e-invoices. In other words, electronic invoices. In the transition between those two periods, there has been an attempt to be able to read paper invoices automatically by computer. That technique is called OCR (Optical character recognition).

Daxto skips this override attempt. Partly because of the error proneness and because this kind of error often completely escapes attention (for a long time). The only correct solution is to use e-invoices. These are flawlessly readable by computers and are also increasingly offered. Like, for example, by Daxto.

Therefore, carefully filling out any paper receipts is well worth the effort, if you still receive them. This way you avoid incorrect or poorly recognized data. And you process the rest of your received invoices quickly and correctly digitally, with e-invoices.