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Locked sales invoice

Purchase & sales  — Fri 28 Jan 2022

Once an invoice first reaches the status 'Sent', it is locked. The reason for this is that a sent invoice is now in the hands of the recipient.

An invoice should not be changed once the recipient has received a copy. Should a change still be necessary, a credit invoice can be created.

Credit Invoices

To create a credit invoice, start by going to the original invoice you want to credit. Then choose Actions Duplicate to credit invoice. A credit invoice is now automatically created with the status 'Concept'. Furthermore, you will be taken immediately to this credit invoice.

The credit invoice contains all the invoice lines of the original invoice, but the amounts are negative. You can send the credit invoice immediately. Your Daxto assistant will automatically process both invoices, so no more payments are due.

Learn more about credit invoices.

Duplicate invoices

Do you want to create a new invoice after crediting? Moreover, is the new invoice very similar to the previous one? Then choose Actions Duplicate to new invoice from the original invoice. You will then create a new concept invoice with the same information as the original with a single click. Then make your adjustment and send the new invoice.

Payment differences

It can also happen that a payment does not match your invoice. You do not always have to make a credit invoice in that case. If there is an underpayment, you can ask the recipient to transfer the remainder. You then connect this payment as a second payment on the same invoice. If your customer has paid too much, you can of course refund it. You link the overpayment and the refund to the 'Kruisposten' category.

If it is a very small amount, such as pennies, you can also connect the small discrepancy directly to the 'Betalingsverschillen' category and put no further effort into refunding or asking for additional payment.

Unlock anyway?

Finally, if there is no other way, the lock can also be reversed. In that case, choose Actions Revert the lock from the menu. Make sure that the recipient's data remains the same, as do the totals. If this fails, send the recipient a new copy of the invoice, and ask the recipient to discard the previously received invoice.