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Discounts on invoices

Purchase & sales  — Fri 29 Apr 2022

Discount. Every Dutchman loves it, doesn't he? Giving discounts is made very easy in Daxto. Nevertheless, it is best to discuss it briefly so you are aware of all the details.

Why discount?

Discount is not a light subject. Although every customer likes to get it, it is better that you as an entrepreneur do not throw it around. And for the following simple reason: it creates a pattern of expectations.

You would think that discounting should be given sparingly because it costs you something as an entrepreneur, but that is not the problem with discounting. After all, you don't easily give that much discount that you sell below your purchase price, and thus make a loss. You obviously remain including discount above your costs of revenue. So you use discount mainly to entice or repair. It is quite complex.

However, if you start to make a habit out of discounts, then it will backfire. If customers get the feeling that they can always get a discount, then they quickly get the feeling that they are paying too much without a discount. And that is very annoying, for both parties.

Discount should remain a reward, a reward that you give to your customer out of appreciation. An appreciation because they have been doing business with you for a long time, or because you want them to know that you made a mistake and want to show them how sorry you are. Use discounts only in well-considered situations to entice more purchases than you can expect without a discount.

Remember, discounts that are sprinkled with are not discounts. The offer where you buy a bottle of shampoo and you get 1 free, only exists because the rest of the time you pay too much for that shampoo. Do not make the same mistake, this way you teach customers to only come shopping when there is another promotion.

How do I discount?

If you do make a well-considered decision to discount, there are a surprising number of ways to do so.

  • The most obvious way is to enter a discount percentage for an invoice item:
    Description Units Unit cost Disc. % Line total
    Kettle 1 € 100,00 10% € 90,00
  • You don't necessarily have to enter a percentage to give a discount. If you have a very specific amount in mind, you can also enter that amount in negative for the same effect:
    Description Units Unit cost Disc. % Line total
    Kettle 1 € 100,00 0% € 100,00
    Discount for you 1 € -10,00 0% € -10,00
  • What you don't want to do in any case is give a discount without showing it. Here the kettle is also € 90.00 but the invoice does not show that a discount has been given:
    Description Units Unit cost Disc. % Line total
    Kettle 1 € 90,00 0% € 90,00
  • If you delivered a swimming pool, but the thing turned out to be leaking from all sides, you can also make a credit invoice that will give money back afterwards.
  • If you agree with your customer that they will get a 10% discount afterwards (kickback fee) if they spend at least € 50,000 in a financial year, this can also be done with a credit invoice.
  • If the next installation of a sink is done for free, that's also a discount. Then always put it on the invoice, with 0 euro, so that the customer sees that you are favoring him.

In short, giving a discount is not difficult, it can be done in many ways. Keep getting a discount special though, it gives the customer that extra warm feeling when they do get it.