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Customize the appearance of sales invoices

Purchase & sales  — Fri 15 Apr 2022

When you send an invoice to a customer, you probably want to format it in your own corporate style. This way an invoice is easily recognizable by your customer and it also looks very professional.

But how do you do that? We are going to help you with that, in a few simple steps you will have mastered how to send sales invoices in your own corporate style.

Let's start at the beginning.

The most practical thing to do is to set the appearance of your sales invoices before you create your first sales invoice. That way, all you have to do is click on the right template when you get to the point of choosing the invoice template.

To get to the templates, go to the top right corner to MenuEnvironmentSettings Pick SettingsTemplates.

On this screen, you can choose to upload your company logo, or click one of the four options to customize the appearance of documents or emails.

Company logo

Uploading a company logo is as easy as pie. Select the logo file on your computer and then drag it with your mouse to the upload field under the heading "Company Logo. That's all. The logo is saved automatically so you don't have to do this yourself.

If you ever want to change the logo, just repeat what we explained to you above. No need to remove anything, the logo will be replaced for you immediately. Piece of cake!

Documents & emails

This is the place where you can make sure that your emails and PDF get your own corporate style. Let's take a look together at what can be set up and how to do it.

To get to the settings, click on one of the links, for example 'Standard sales invoice email'. You will then see a number of options on the next screen:


These cannot be edited. There are 3 categories: sales invoice, invoice reminder and payment reminder.


You also can't change the type.


You can change the name if you want. You can find this name under 'Optional fields' when creating a sales invoice.

Always send a copy (BCC) to

Enter an email address of your choice here.


This is where you're really going to determine the appearance of the emails and PDF by choosing different colors. You can also decide whether or not you want to show the logo on the emails and/or PDF, with or without your organization's name.


As we explained earlier, you have several options to choose from. The options are:

  • No logo image, just my organization name.
  • Logo image on the left, my organization name on the right.
  • My organization name on the left, logo image on the right.
  • Just the logo image, nothing else.
Background, text and line colors

You can set these colors separately from each other using a hex code, for example #FFFFFF, which stands for white. If you find using hex codes tricky, you can use an online color picker for convenience. You can use this to pick the color you want in a variety of ways. The color picker will then provide you with the hex code for that color. For example, if you enter this code (including #) at the background color, this will be your new background color.

You can see the colors change in the color scheme preview as soon as you enter another hex code. Which is very convenient, because you can immediately see whether you like the color or not.


When you click the Insert Variable button you get a list of options. This allows you to add variables to the text you want to use for the email of the sales invoice, credit invoice, invoice reminder or payment reminder. These variables ensure that, for example, the name of the customer is entered automatically, so you don't have to worry about this. So you can enter the text you would like to see on your invoices yourself and by using the right variables in the right places you don't have to keep changing this text per customer.

Are you fully satisfied with all of your settings? Then all you have to do is click Save to make sure your settings and texts are fixed. You can even send the emails to yourself as a test to see if everything really looks the way you envisioned. To do this, click the Send test button after you save.