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Create sales invoices

Purchase & sales  — Fri 15 Apr 2022

Creating a sales invoice in Daxto is very simple. When logged into an environment, click MenuPurchase & SalesSales Invoices. Then click the Create a new sales invoice button.

The next step is to start filling in some information. The easiest way is to start at the block at the top left.

Tip: add at least one invoice item before saving the invoice. Without invoice items this will not work. It is also useful to make sure that you have added the recipient as a relation before creating the invoice. This prevents you from having to do this while creating the invoice.

Sales Invoice

Invoice Status

By default it is set to 'Concept'. When you are completely finished preparing the invoice you can set the status to 'Final'. After a payment has been linked to the invoice this status automatically changes to, for example, 'Paid in Full'.

Invoice number

This field is empty by default. You can enter a number yourself at the concept stage of the invoice or have the number filled in automatically by setting the status to 'Final' and clicking Save when the invoice is completely filled in. The number is then successive to your last used invoice number.

Invoice date

The invoice date shows the date and time when you created the invoice. You can still change this as long as the invoice has not been sent to the customer. You can fill in the date in different ways, for example: 01-01-2024, 1 January 2024 or 1 Jan. 2024. Do not forget to also fill in the time, if you only fill in the date then 00:00 is automatically filled in as time.

Invoice due days

When filling out your settings, which you will find if you go through the Menu to EnvironmentSettings, you can set the default payment term so you don't have to manually adjust it each time.


If you are just starting the settings, it will be on 'Not yet set'. If you have added persons or organizations beforehand in the menu under Relations, then you will see a list of those persons or organizations here. This way you quickly have the recipient filled in.

Billing address

The billing address is automatically filled in for you if you have added an address when adding relations. Very easy, because you don't have to search for the right address first.

Optional fields

Invoice template

You can set your own invoice templates if you navigate through the Menu to EnvironmentSettings Pick SettingsTemplates. By clicking on the desired template you can change the appearance of the email and/or PDF.


You can fill this out if the invoice is addressed to a specific person in the company.


Here you can optionally add remarks if you want to supplement the invoice with additional information. These remarks are also visible on the invoice.

Invoice items

Click the Add item button to create a new invoice item.

Tip: when entering invoice items, you can quickly and easily move to the next field by using the TAB key on your keyboard. This way you don't have to click every time you want to enter a new field and you can immediately continue filling in the fields because the pre-filled numbers are automatically selected. If you want to return to the previous field, you can do so by pressing SHIFT + TAB.


Enter a description such as "Gorgeous rocking chair" here.


Set the quantity of the product here. You can click on the arrows, but you can also easily enter a number yourself.

Unit cost

This is the price of the product per unit.

Disc. %

Here you can enter a discount percentage. Note that this is a percentage and not an amount. For a discount amount you create a new invoice line in which you indicate in the description that it is a discount and put a minus sign in front of the unit price. For more explanation we refer to the help article Discounts on Invoices.

Line total

The line total shows the total amount of the line. For example, if you entered € 25.00 at unit price and 10 at units, the line total will be € 250.00.

Tax, delivery & category

By means of a handy drop-down list you can easily add the correct VAT rate per invoice item. Would you like to know more about this? Then read the help article VAT rates on invoices.

You can set the delivery to one date, for example the date of the invoice or a later date. But you can also fill in a delivery period if necessary. You can read more about delivery on invoices here.

The category, like the tax and delivery, can be set per invoice item. To make it easy on yourself, you can set a default category yourself if you go through the Menu to EnvironmentSettingsInvoicesDefault category, for sales invoice items. When you start with Daxto this category is automatically set to 'Ongecategoriseerde omzet'. You can also create your own categories if you want to be able to see more clearly exactly where your revenue comes from.

Connected payments

When your customer has paid the invoice and you have connected the payment to the invoice you can see the payment here. As long as there is no link, the text 'No payments connected yet' will appear here.

Invoice tax

Here you indicate whether the prices are entered excluding tax or including tax. So make sure you have this set correctly when you create an invoice. You can also choose to indicate that your prices should always be entered excluding or including tax. To do so, go to MenuEnvironmentSettings. At the bottom of the page under Tax you see the heading Default tax mode, for sales invoices. Choose one of the two options here.

Formatting the sales invoice in another language

In case your customer wants to receive the invoice in another language than Dutch, you can change an invoice to English or German. Make sure you also create a Dutch invoice for yourself, you will need this for your own administration. You can change the language by clicking on Nederlands in the top of the screen. Or, if you use one of the other languages, click on Deutsch or English.

If you have adjusted the language you will see that a number of fields are filled in automatically for you, but also some are not. The reference, comment and description have to be filled in by yourself per language. To check what the PDF will look like, you can click on Download PDF invoice after saving the invoice. This way you can double check if you have filled out everything for the language in question and if everything looks as you want it to.

To ensure that your customer receives the invoice in the correct language, you can enter a preferred language when creating persons or organizations. The only thing left for you to do is to enter the invoice in that language.

Additional options after saving the invoice

After you save the invoice, a few additional buttons appear. The options you can choose from are:

  • Send invoice by email.
  • Send invoice manually.
  • PDF invoice

These were all the steps to create a sales invoice in Daxto. If you still need some help after the first time you can always read this article again so you didn't miss anything. Or click on one of the owls on the screen, they can also give you some extra explanation if you need it.