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Environment  — Fri 10 Jun 2022

Anyone can participate in Daxto, all you need is an account. Accounts are free. Each account represents an individual, a person. And with an account you can go in many directions afterwards.

  • Anyone with a Daxto account can start their own environment. An environment represents one enterprise: an organization/business.
  • With a Daxto account you can not only start an environment, you can also participate in existing environments, for example someone else's business.
  • Accounts are for everyone. Whether you are an owner or director, an employee or an external financial expert such as a bookkeeper, accountant or tax advisor.

How do I create an account and log in?

Creating an account is a matter of filling out a few things and confirming by clicking an address in an email you receive afterwards. If you missed where to register that account to start it, look no further, use the button below to get started with that:

After you have registered an account by filling in a few details, you have received an email with an activation link. Once you have clicked on this link in the email your account is active. If clicking on the link does not succeed then your email program may work against you. With good intentions though, trying to help with security. But since you know that this email is from Daxto, and you want to continue, you will have to use the alternative. Underneath the link is an internet address that is the same as the link. If you copy that and paste it into the address field of your internet browser, you will also get where you need to go.

After you have opened the address by clicking on it or by copying and using the address, you will be returned to You will read there that the activation of your account succeeded. That is when you can start logging in, your account is now active.

You log in by clicking on Account in the bar at the top. In the screen that appears you enter your email address and your password. Then click on the purple button a little lower, called Log in. You get a message that the login was successful. You have to read quickly, this message disappears automatically. Then nothing seems to have happened, but nothing is further from the truth. You are now logged in, you can check this in two ways:

  • If you click on Account at the top of the bar, you'll see a menu unfold. The bottom choice from this menu is called Log out. This is, of course, the proof that you are logged in.
  • If you click on Menu at the top of the bar, you'll see that the menu now tells you about environments, and gives you a button called Environment. The fact that you get that choice now is also a sign that you are logged in.

So both are signs that you are logged in and your account is working fine. The next step is to open your own new environment, or to join an existing Daxto environment. I'll explain that further in a moment.

First, I'll give a tip to people who use Daxto daily and want to get into the environment faster. You can skip the whole Account-click thing by clicking on Menu right away. In fact, if you are not logged in, the menu will show a button to log in. This way you can skip some more actions.

I am an entrepreneur, how do I start an environment for my business?

You've just read how to create an account, which is obviously a must. After that, once you're logged in, it's surprisingly easy:

  • Go to the environment screen by choosing MenuEnvironment in the top right corner.
  • At the bottom, check out the 'Start a new environment' option. Choose your desired Daxto edition and click on Let's get started!
  • Enter the name of your company and your Chamber of Commerce number. Then, at the bottom, click again on Let's get started!
  • You are now greeted for the first time by a wise owl: your personal digital Daxto assistant. Continue to follow his instructions.

That's all there is to it. Before you know it, you'll be up and running in your own environment.

I work at a company and was asked to join Daxto. How do I do that?

That's easy: first you have to create an account. If you don't have one yet, please read at the top of this article how that works. If you already have one, then you can immediately proceed with the next 2 steps:

  • Copy the invitation code from your email and paste it into the field called 'Your invitation code:'.
  • Then click on the Join straight away button a little lower.

After you do this, the screen refreshes and you suddenly see your employer's company name at the top. Click on it to enter.

If you want to save yourself time then before you go in you can click on Turn on. The button at the back of the line with the name of the company you work for. Then the next time you log in, you'll go right in to that environment. That will save you a few more clicks.

I am a financial professional. How do I get into my client's Daxto environment?

For all professionals, from bookkeepers, accountants or tax advisors to other financial professionals, it starts with creating an account. You can read how that works at the top of this article. Then you log in and click the Menu button in the upper right. Then click the purple button called Environment. You now come to the screen where you choose which environment you want to use.

If you have not yet created an environment for your own company, and have not yet participated in other entrepreneurs' environments, this screen will not show you any company environments to open at the top. It does, however, show you the possibility of opening your own environment at the bottom left. To enter a customer's environment look in the bottom right. There is a possibility to participate in existing environments based on an invitation code. You proceed as follows:

  • Copy the invitation code from your email and paste it into the field called 'Your invitation code:'.
  • Then, slightly below that, click on the Join straight away button.

That's all. Your screen is now updating itself, and suddenly you have your client's environment at the top of your screen, identifiable by the name of the company. By clicking on it you enter it, and you can get started.

Once you support multiple enterprises you will notice that all the environments you used the invitation from are permanently at the top. Ready to enter at any time. And if you acquire a new client, you can use the invitation code to add their environment to your list of enterprises at the top as well.