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Environment  — Fri 4 Feb 2022

Don't be alarmed, but Daxto can suspend you! That sounds scarier than it needs to be. That's why we've added the explanation below.

How can it happen?

Suspension can happen to anyone. It is also often solved in no time. The most common reasons for suspension are:

  • If you have (accidentally) violated the rules of the game, as agreed upon in the terms and conditions. We will speak to you about this.
  • If your account details or the details of your company don't seem quite right during checks. Of course, that could just be caused by a typo.
  • If paying your Daxto subscription invoices (on time) has gotten a little bogged down. Maybe you forgot something before you went on vacation after all?

What does a suspension entail?

If a Daxto environment is suspended you can still access it. So you can always access all your data. But adding, changing or deleting data is temporarily not possible. After the cause of the suspension has been resolved, and the suspension has been lifted, you will be able to do this again. That is all.

Does the subscription continue?

Yes, your subscription will continue as usual. A suspension does not mean that your subscription has stopped or paused. Virtually all services continue as usual and so do subscription fees. You can open the environment as normal. All automatic processes also continue to work as usual, such as your autopilot and automatic depreciation.

How long does a suspension last?

We will lift a suspension as soon as possible. With a little effort on both sides, this can even amount to minutes.

Why my environment?

The exact reason for the suspension is visible to the owner of the environment. As soon as the owner opens the environment, it will be clearly communicated, either immediately or upon arrival at the overview page. The exact reason of the suspension is not made known to other users of the environment. However, all users who open the environment will be made aware of the suspension. In this way, they can help the owner of the environment to be aware of it as soon as possible.

Also remember that you can always contact Daxto Support to get more clarity and help. That's what we're here for.

Why is it necessary?

We'd rather not do it either, to be honest. But in order to keep Daxto a nice, safe and reliable place we will have to enforce agreements, rules and laws.

A suspension will quite often be the result of a clumsy mistake that is solved in no time. But in some cases it can also be a matter of fraud or other unsavory practices. In your case, it will undoubtedly be the former. Still, it would be nice to get everyone's full cooperation, whatever the situation.

What happens if I ignore it?

It is important, however, to get the suspension resolved as soon as possible. If there is no response from the owner of the environment, then scary, diligent cleaning robots will come along. They will close a Daxto environment 14 days after the suspension began. This means that the subscription will be stopped. You will, of course, be notified of this. Also, like the suspension, this is clearly visible while using Daxto.

In the unlikely event that this is the case, know that there are another 14 days after the subscription is stopped before the cleaning robots will return. This means that 28 days have passed since the suspension and the environment will be permanently cleaned up. All data will be permanently and irretrievably lost in the process.