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Daxto subscriptions

Environment  — Fri 20 May 2022

Daxto is an online service. With a difficult term, it is also sometimes called software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Creating an account is free. With an account you can participate in someone else's Daxto environments, or you can open your own Daxto environment. If you open your own Daxto environment, you get to choose from different editions. Each with its own features and price per month. An overview of all Daxto editions, highlighted features and subscription costs can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Additional Services

In addition to a subscription per edition, there are additional services. These services have a separate price per month or a one-time fee on top of the subscription. One example is storage, as you can read below.


Storage is used to hold all your data. Every Daxto subscription comes with one gigabyte of free space. Each subsequent gigabyte costs only 5 euros extra per month. With one gigabyte, an average environment can go several years. If your Daxto environment outgrows its capacity, there is no problem, the operation continues undisturbed and you automatically get more space to continue working.

Optional Services

It is also possible to add additional services to Daxto, to tailor it exactly to your needs. You can read more about that in the article about optional services.


To keep it easy, prices are listed 'per month'. But you don't receive the invoice on the same date every month. In fact, you are billed every 30 days. To explain this further:

At Daxto, we love numbers. The varying number of days in a month, days in a year and leap years included, give an average of 30.4368631 days per month. For that reason, we keep it simple and invoice every 30 days. Daxto also invoices in arrears. Each invoice is for the past 30 days, except for the final invoice. The first invoice you receive is 30 days after you started using the subscription.

If you upgrade or downgrade parts of your subscription in between, such as the edition, the billing will automatically be adjusted accordingly. So you never pay too much.

And if you cancel a subscription, the termination is arranged immediately. You will also receive one final invoice immediately: the final invoice. This invoice will settle the remaining days between your last invoice and the moment of cancellation. So you only pay the days after your last invoice. It can't be arranged any better than that.

Upgrade Edition

You can upgrade the edition of your Daxto environment at any time. So you can go up a notch, or even several at once. Daxto's editions are subdivided to grow naturally with the company. Each successive edition therefore offers more possibilities that you can immediately start using after an upgrade.

Downgrade Edition

Downgrading is when you take a step back. A gear down. You can downgrade 31 days after the start of your subscription or last upgrade. You can downgrade at any time thereafter and also multiple editions at once if you wish.

Daxto credit

Once you have been using Daxto for a while there comes a time when you think; I have actually found my spot. And then it's a waste of your valuable time to book an invoice for your subscription and make a payment every 30 days. That's where Daxto credit comes in.

With Daxto credit, you pay in advance. You choose the amount of the credit. You receive an invoice for the amount you purchase and this amount appears as a credit in your Daxto environment. At the next billing moment you no longer receive an invoice, but Daxto takes 'a bite' out of your credit.

If your credit is too low, then the remainder will automatically be billed in the normal way. As soon as your credit is completely depleted, the billing of your subscription will continue as before. And if you actually found it convenient, then of course you can always arrange it via purchased credit from now on.

Daxto credit is also very useful if you are a single person in a small organization who has managed to book a well-deserved long vacation. During your vacation you don't want to be working on your administration from the beach. By purchasing Daxto credit in advance you can easily ensure that you can enjoy your vacation without worries.

Subscription cancellation

Each Daxto environment has its own subscription. You can cancel such a subscription at any time and with immediate effect, thus closing that specific environment. If you have multiple Daxto environments, they will continue until you cancel them as well.

Of course, we hate to see you leave. If you have a reason to switch to another package, we would love to hear what we can improve about Daxto. We, in turn, can learn from that.

Anyway, before you close the door behind you, it is important that you download and save some data. You will need these again if you continue your bookkeeping elsewhere.

  • Save your financial statements. If you are still closing this fiscal year with Daxto, don't forget the last one.
  • If you don't have financial statements, or no longer close the fiscal year with Daxto, at least keep your investment report, earnings report, and balance sheet report.
  • Download and save the invoices, VAT declarations and ICP declarations to the extent they were still missing from your backup outside Daxto.

While this method is thorough, with some overlap even, you can then be sure you have everything you need to get started somewhere else. Don't change anything in Daxto after this, that way your data stays correct and you can pick up exactly where you left off elsewhere.

Quitting your business

If you are quitting your business then it is important to keep a few things. These are the same things as under the heading above. After all, you need to be able to continue to show your accounts for quite a few years if the government wants to carry out an audit.

These checks can also take place after your business has stopped. So finish the last bit neatly and keep all your data safe.