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Environment  — Wed 4 May 2022

Autopilot is an option that puts your Daxto assistant to work for you. Your wise owl can help you take some tasks off your hands by independently flying around your administration. In this way, you as an entrepreneur can get rid of a number of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so you can get back to being busy with your agenda.

What does autopilot do?

Your Daxto assistant always helps you and also helps with many tasks, you notice that throughout Daxto. But the autopilot is special. Where your Daxto assistant normally only communicates with you, with the autopilot you can indicate that you want your assistant to also be able to contact your customers. And this in the following two situations:

Invoice reminder

This reminder is very lighthearted and is more related to after-sales than default. Here's the thing: if a customer has received a sales invoice from you, this invoice has a due date. A due date is the date by which you should have received the payment. Nothing expires, it's just that you should have received the money by that date.

In practice, entrepreneurs see that this is not always the case, a payment is regularly too late. At that moment you must take action as an entrepreneur, you will have to address the customer. It may be that the customer in all the hectic very innocently lost sight of your invoice. If you contact them, it often turns out that they will pay it that very day and that nothing was wrong.

But yes, for you as a business owner, it's quite annoying when that happens often. And it does. It costs you a lot of time and effort, and therefore money. For that reason, Daxto has an invoice reminder as part of its autopilot. That means your Daxto assistant can send your customer an email, by default 7 days before an invoice is due. With this e-mail you shake up the customer, who immediately takes action, so that you often receive the payment perfectly on time after all. And the good thing is; if the customer has already paid, and the sales invoice is registered as fully paid in your environment, your Daxto assistant will not bother the customer with it.

The thrust of the invoice reminder is therefore along the lines of: "Dear customer, is everything to your satisfaction? Thank you again for your clientele. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us". And additionally, while it is actually the main point, "If payment has not yet been made, and this letter does not cross that payment, please remember to make payment?". And that, we have found, prevents almost all otherwise late payments. In addition, it also provides automatic follow-up to your customers, sometimes leading to a new dialogue with sales opportunities. Which is also nice.

Payment reminder

This is a more robust topic. A payment reminder is a reminder that nobody likes to send or receive. In this case, the payment should have already been made, but it still hasn't happened. Here your Daxto assistant comes to the rescue again, and does what needs to be done. This works to your advantage, because now you can blame computers

How do I arrange for the autopilot to help me?

You don't have to do anything for that. Would you rather not have that handy help? Then you can turn it off. You can do that here: MenuEnvironmentSettings. At the bottom of that page with settings, under the heading 'Autopilot', there you set whether the entire autopilot is on or off, but also which memories you do or do not want to use, even at which moments.

It is also possible to use your autopilot for everyone except one specific person or organization. Or several, but not everyone. You do this by indicating per person or organization whether the autopilot is activated for them as well. If not, all other relationships will continue to be helped by the autopilot, but that specific relationship will not. It's incredible how flexibly this all works. Isn't it?

How do I customize the texts my clients receive?

Your Daxto assistant prepared a text when you opened your Daxto environment. You can always see and modify this text yourself via MenuEnvironmentSettings Pick settingsTemplates. At the bottom of that settings page you can then fill in your own texts, in the templates of type 'email', with the recognizable subjects 'invoice reminder' and 'payment reminder'.