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Time registration

Accounting  — Fri 13 May 2022

Time is money. That's why time tracking is important. With Daxto's time registration, you figuratively kill three birds with one stone. From entrepreneur to employee and from in-house work to projects and outsourcing.

Hours criterion

One of the most obvious reasons for entrepreneurs to keep track of time is the hours criterion. The Belastingdienst requires every entrepreneur to work a minimum of 1,225 hours per calendar year for their business.


If you have employees, then of course you want to keep a close eye on the hours worked. For the administration of wages and the payment of salaries.

Billable hours

If your company is working on a specific project or for a specific client, it is of course good to keep track of the hours spent on this. In some cases, you pass these hours on to your client. But even if you don't, it is important to keep track of these hours internally. For example, you can weigh whether you can increase your profit margin by improving efficiency.