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Deposit money

Accounting  — Fri 11 Feb 2022

You can deposit money into your business at any time. You often do this just after starting your business so you will have some money to start with.

Deposit money in a sole proprietorship

On your balance sheet, you should see the category 'Ondernemingsvermogen' on the right side. This category has a subcategory with your name. This again includes three categories: capital, withdrawals and deposits. If you want to deposit money into your business then this is how you do it:

  • Transfer an amount to a financial account of your company.
  • Make sure the transaction is visible in your accounts.
  • Link this transaction to the balance sheet category 'Stortingen' of the correct person.

That's all. It is also clear now how much money you have deposited into your company over time. This automatically becomes a debt from your company to you. That means you can withdraw this amount at any time. If the company ever gets closed down, the balance sheet will clearly show how much deposited money should come back to you.